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Soothagel packaging and tubeHelps to relieve Brace & Denture sores

Why Soothagel?

Soothagel is a fruit flavoured, alcohol free mouth ulcer treatment that is proven to help speed the natural recovery process for mouth ulcers. Some mouth ulcer treatments just mask the pain. Soothagel is different.

Soothagel actually tackles the cause of the pain, sealing the ulcer under a long-lasting protective shield for effective pain protection - even when you're eating. By sealing the mouth ulcer, Soothagel's protective treatment helps to reduce inflammation and stimulate self-repair, so the ulcer can heal more quickly.

Uses of Soothagel

As well as providing naturally soothing relief for Mouth Ulcers, Soothagel mouth ulcer treatment can help with:

Gingivitis (inflammation of the gums)

Bleeding gums are often a sign of gingivitis. Regular massage of the gums, cleaning your teeth regularly, keeping sugary food to a minimum and visiting your dentist regularly can help to prevent this. Soothagel can be used as a soothing gum massage treatment for gingivitis. More about using Soothagel for gingivitis

Denture rub

Dentures can sometimes cause inflamed or painful gums. Soothagel can help relieve these symptoms, and regular gum massage can help to reduce them completely in the long term. More about using Soothagel for denture rub

If gum inflammation and soreness is prolonged or very severe, it's advisable to see your doctor or dentist for more advice.

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